Manager's Message

Manager's Message

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It gives me great pleasure and I absolutely consider it my privilege to address the Principal, teaching and non-teaching staff members, students and parents of Christ Church Co-Ed School, Saliwada.


As the newly appointed Manager of the school, I strongly believe that I have been given a unique opportunity to collaborate with a young and dynamic team of highly motivated individuals who are truly dedicated towards enriching every aspect of a student’s academic journey as well as to honing and augmenting the overall development of a student’s character, stature, and social mannerisms. It is for this honour I shall forever be grateful to my Lord.


It is my belief that there has been no time like the present for students to have unbelievably varied options to be educated in any field of their choice. With so much information being made available freely, a good guide is just as equally important. There has to be a presence of someone knowledgeable to navigate our young and impressionable minds from seeking the right path and choosing the right means to achieve whatever they need to brighten their futures. Teachers are those guiding lights, those beacons of hope and monitors and escorts to such inquisitive young thinkers who have a million questions and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and adventure. It is our solemn duty and most coveted responsibility to lead these future leaders towards their God-given destiny and like I said earlier, I am thrilled to be a part of a team of equally young and brilliant teachers and staff members who are more than equipped to do that and so much more.


I wish that may you all continue to live in Interesting times and evolve beyond all that ties you down and soar to heights that have only been dreamed of, that you not only aspire to be all that you can be but also inspire generations to come with this light of knowledge that was given to our by our Lord to spread broadly out of love, from belief and with the hope of looking forward to an amazing future these students will make for us one day. Be blessed in all that you do so that God may be glorified through your works.



The Rev. S. Nilesh Singh


Christ Church Co-Ed School

Saliwada, Jabalpur