Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven Matthew 5:16.

At the onset, I am humbled and honoured to bring greetings from a beyond prestigious institution established by our visionary and dynamic Moderator, Bishop and Chairman the Most Rev. Dr. P. C. Singh that has pioneered not only in academian philosophy but is shaping the new age India towards holistic learning attributes.

The Christ Church Co-Ed School in Jabalpur is graced by versatile academians, a socially strengthened comprehensive study atmosphere, catering to the elite needs of the modern students and our stake holders. The school believes and relishes the ethos of imparting knowledge with the overall development of its wards. The prime use of the institution is to deliver meritorious citizens with the global perspective in their well being.

As the  Principal, it is my privilege to be a part of the success story of my students thus enabling an environment wherein alongwith discipline, values, knowledge, team building and moral being, we cater to the ever evolving needs of the students. The idea is not only to develop their knowledge but to ignite imagination in the form of ideas. It is our duty to be able to modify their learning patterns and make exhaustive education stress free.